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Weekly Lawn Care Service

What is so nice about being signed up for weekly lawn care maintenance through Kish Lawn and Landscape?



All landscaping projects that we service are 10% OFF!


Saves you TIME and EFFORT, it is our job to take care of your lawn!


Get a FREE aerial photo of your property taken by a drone! "Yes we have a licensed drone pilot!" 

Whats included in our weekly lawn care maintenance service?

​We get the job done in 4 Steps:

  1. We start off with mowing your grass using our professional mowing equipment and ensuring that it is cut to the appropriate length.

  2. Then we move onto using our high powered weed wackers to trim down any weeds around your house, trees, fences or any other obstacles that may be in your lawn.

  3. We edge around your driveway, sidewalks and landscaping beds which creates nice straight finished edges around your lawn.

  4. We finish the job by blowing all the grass clippings off of your driveway and sidewalks and making sure everything looks very clean.

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